Education is rapidly becoming a $1 trillion industry, representing 10% of America's GNP and second in size only to the health care industry. Federal and State expenditures on education exceed $750 billion. Education companies, with over $80 billion in annual revenues, already constitute a large sector in the education arena.

Eduactoin Security

Because we focus on expanding opportunity and performance in the field of Computer Security, we seek relationships with our parents at the school administration/boards, and with teachers and I.T. Managers, who all seek to improve educational outcomes in education. For that they need to have working computers, in place, every day available for their students, and that where we come in.


We believe in an ongoing process of constructive engagement, that assists us in finding the best Computer Security Solutions on a case to case base, and when we don’t have the right solution, to work fast hand in hand with our clients to develop and Manufacture one.


We at Pc Locks are committed to Designing and manufacturing the best suitable and the most secure computer locking solutions. 


That’s our commitment!


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